Breathe new life in your Marketing with Web3

Deploy innovative and engaging Marketing campaigns through NFTs. Build your community, engage, reward and develop long-lasting relationships thanks to the power of Web3!

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Discover the ultimate all-in-one Web3 CRM 

• Build your community
Acquire and retain new users through NFTs

• Supercharge your brand engagement
Engage, Reward and monetize. Build loyalty programs that turn your fans into active loyal customers.

Get to know your community as never before
Learn and take advantage of Web3 data to identify your customers' purchasing behaviour, their interest in other brands and many other valuable insights!


Unlock your brand's full potential with Web3


Launch NFTs

An all-in-one tool to build your Web3 community. No coding is required! With only a few clicks, you'll be able to create an outstanding NFT collection. We provide you with everything you need to create and launch your NFT collection and easily edit all the specifics of it, according to your needs.


Acquire new customers

Distribute NFT collections to new or existing customers as you wish: e-mail, social media, QR codes, or directly through your website!

Monetize, engage & delight

Monetize, Engage & Delight

Leverage your new NFTs to create benefits & experiences accessible only to holders:

1. Exclusive benefits (discounts, limited editions, airdrops & giveaways...)

2. Token-gated products, content & experiences

3. In-store perks

4. Web3 membership & loyalty programs

5. Holders-only social channel



Track your campaigns' performance and get to know your community as never before, thanks to transparent and valuable Web3 data.

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